What is a Rise Packet? How do I store them?

The Rise Packet is a tear top on the go packet of maple cream and is a Maple Rise original. They are great for helping alleviate low blood sugar episodes, hiking, biking, or a tasty treat! Rise Packets can be kept at room temperature for about 1 month and for best consistency in the long term, storage in the fridge or freezer are ideal.

What is maple cream? How should I eat it?

Maple cream is simply a different form of maple syrup. It is heated, cooled, and mixed until a rich, creamy consistency is reached, at which point it is canned and ready to go! It can be enjoyed on its own, on toast, in coffee or tea, on ice cream, as a glaze for cupcakes, and many more ways as well.

What is the nutritional content of maple cream?

All nutritional content is of course listed on all of our products. Our maple cream has 65 calories and 17g of carbohydrates per serving.

Why is maple cream better than other products used to correct low blood sugar? Why is maple cream better than maple syrup?

The main difference between maple cream and maple syrup is that maple cream is more condensed, so the 1 tablespoon size is more consistent with the rule of 15 (17g carbohydrates in cream vs 13.25 in syrup). In addition, one of Maple Rise's first goals is to fund the Rise Packets, which will use  smaller, on-the-go packets with a single tablespoon measured out, making it perfect as a blood-sugar boosting daily companion.

Is this okay for a Diabetic snack?

Most of the Maple Rise products are made with Diabetes in mind and can make great snacks for Diabetics. There are many options but our products could make great Diabetic snacks!