More About the Maple Rise Packet

  • 1 INGREDIENT - Made with a single ingredient: pure maple cream, which is made from only maple syrup. You know what you are eating. No preservatives or artificial ingredients included. Not many products can say they have only a single ingredient!
  • 100% ALL NATURAL - Maple Cream is essentially whipped maple syrup with the only processing being heat manipulation and mixing. We don’t add any unnatural ingredients as many competitors do.
  • MULTI USE - The Rise Packets are great to use when running, biking, exercising, gaming, or even when cooking! Maple cream is delicious and very easy to eat straight or can be used to compliment various cooking or baking endeavors.
  • DELICIOUS - Maple cream is one of the most delicious things out there. If you haven’t tried it before, now is your time. Think of real maple syrup but with a peanut butter consistency and a stronger maple flavor. YUM!
  • EASY TO EAT - The Rise Packet is a 1 TBSP tear-top packet designed to be used on the go. This is the idea that started Maple Rise. This product is aimed at addressing the lack of effective, durable, and health-conscious products to help alleviate low blood sugar episodes.
  • DIABETES ROOTS - Maple Rise was founded by a Type 1 Diabetic and continues to do work to serve that community. It has become one of the fundamental pillars and each purchase only strengthens the ability of the Maple Rise team to do what they can to help.